Name: Seth Damoose
Aliases: dam
Class: illustrationator
Scale of Operations: Wyoming, MI

Powers: Seth possesses above normal levels of drawing speed and has occasionally shown hyper-bursts of speed allowing him to complete pencils and inks on a page in a couple hours.

History: Seth exhibited an early aptitude for drawing in his high school days when he participated in courses taught by the Kendall School of Art and Design. He continued on into community college but wound up having to drop out shortly after his mother passed away.

Seth pressed on with the typical “work the day job and draw at night” scenario. He provided promotional artwork for local businesses and a radio station, but he felt like there could be more. On a whim, he put together fifteen pages of sequentials in two weeks and drove them down to the 2003 Wizard World Chicago convention. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the crowds, he came across the Digital Webbing booth where he got his portfolio reviewed by Jeffery Stevenson, and the two gentleman quickly became allies in the fight to entertain the masses.

Over the months, Jeff and Seth have teamed up on a variety of projects (webcomics, short stories, and series pitches)–Brat-halla, Arazel & Xarenia, The Comicaze Report, Steampunk Faeries, and Spook’d. Seth is currently locked away in a small shack in Michigan where he draws every chance he gets.

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