Real Name: Jeffery Stevenson
Aliases: DarkOra
Class: mutant-lite
Scale of Operations: Austin, TX
Occupation: Database Engineer/part-time writer

Powers: Darkora possesses higher than normal levels of hyperactivity resulting in reduced sleeping requirements and a quick recovery time after lengthy physical activity. Other than that…nothing, nada, zilch…except he has some uncanny luck at times, is a natural marksman, and hasn’t lost all of the endurance, strength, and speed developed during his military and survival instructor training days (but he’s working on obliterating those…pass that 4-layer chocolate cheesecake please).

History: Raising a hyperactive child with an insatiable curiosity and a knack for taking devices apart and putting them back together, DarkOra’s mom would cope by throwing books at him to keep him too distracted to take apart the larger items like the refrigerator or the television. This made him nimble and quick (hardbacks hurt!), and eventually he started actually reading those books–reference books, “How things work” books, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Treasure Island”, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, and various other time-consuming reading material. Then one summer, he found himself at camp with no books to read, so he started creating his own stories to tell when it came time to share campfire tales. Just seeing the other kids hang on his every word as he (quite clumsily as the stories go) built up suspense and then watching their reactions when he delivered the ending was enough to hook him on the fine art of storytelling. He’s been an unofficial entertainer/storyteller in some way or another ever since, and he dreamed about making a career of it. But he wound up in the military instead and after 4 career changes and 8 years in there, DarkOra returned to the “private sector” with bills to pay, a family to feed, a knee that needed some reconstructive surgery, and some highly marketable computer skills. He enjoyed programming and computer work, and the pay was definitely good…but he felt as if something was missing in his life.

In August of 2001, DarkOra decided to once more tackle his goal of being a storyteller. He developed a 5-year plan and set out on it. He started by picking up books on grammar and writing and studying the craft. He wrote short stories to practice at first and eventually found himself pulled into the realm of comic books (again…dropping his subscriptions while in the military gave him enough extra income to cover the mortgage on a house). So, he picked up books and searched out sample scripts and practiced writing those as well. He even practiced drawing a bit to get a feel for how the art and story could complement each other. Since starting his plan, he’s been hired to write Jim Valentino’s Task Force 1 for Image Comics, had screenplays place in various screenwriting competitions, worked on two weekly webcomics for Kevin Smith’s website (for over 2 years now), had various anthology pieces published (prose and comic book), wrote numerous articles, and co-founded Scryptic Studios (one of Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers).

His current whereabouts are erratic–his day travel sends him all across the country week-after-week, but when he’s not visiting exotic locales like Omaha and Cleveland, he’s either soaking up quality time with the family, hiding in his home office practicing his craft, or attending the occasional comic convention/screenwriting conference.

More to come…

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